Our Policy

* “Bangladesh Muslim Funeral Services (BMFS)” is a federally registered non-profit organization. The purpose of forming this Organization is to establish a network for the Canadian Muslim Community, and to foster unity through our common membership.

The death of a family member is one of the most upsetting, sorrowful and difficult time for a family. Even during such a painful time, we have to go through certain Government and religious formalities before we place the deceased into the grave.  Right at this difficult time if we find a bunch of people from the same ethnic and religious background to give a hand to complete all the required formalities for the deceased and the family thereof, the help would be felt like a blessing from Heaven. The primary objective to form BMFS is to share the grief of death of a family member and stand beside the aggrieved family financially and emotionally in order to complete the funeral services so that they do not feel helpless during these most challenging times.

Maximum Funeral Cost:

*Due to differences in funeral and burial expenses in different city mosques across the country, BMFS will provide monetary support up to a maximum of CAD$7,000 per deceased member. Financial support includes the cost of:

  1. Mosque Services Charges
  2. Cemetery Lot
  3. Grave opening/closing fee

Funeral Coordination:

*BMFS will provide financial and funeral coordination support to its members. Funeral coordination support requires the presence of local volunteer and a local partnering mosque that has funeral facilities.

However, if the particular city does not have BMFS volunteers and a partnering mosque that has the funeral facility, BMFS will be unable to provide funeral coordination support in that area. Under such circumstances the family of the deceased member is advised to coordinate funeral services with a local mosque. In the absence of a mosque or graveyard in said area, the family should make contact with a mosque in another nearby city that has such facilities. In such cases BMFS will provide financial support to the family of the deceased for up to a maximum of CAD$7,000.

  • BMFS volunteers will coordinate between deceased family and mosque.
  • Funeral is processed according to Sunni Muslim practice.
  • BMFS does not promote embalming or transporting the deceased to overseas. BMFS will not carry any such cost.
  • Members/Volunteers must follow Mosque Mortuary Room Hygienic procedures as instructed by the Funeral Coordinator.
  • Members/Volunteers must adhere to confidentiality rules and not share or disclose any info about bathing of the deceased.
  • BMFS is not responsible for handling or maintaining deceased’s paper works. It is Mosque and family’s responsibility.
  • Deceased body can only be stored at Mosque cold room for one night.


The membership is open to all Muslims over the age of 18 years residing in Canada legally. International Students with valid stay permission can apply for membership, provided they agree to submit their proof of stay in Canada by 30th September of every year to the organization via email. Failing to submit such proof may cause of termination of their membership. When the student returns back home or any change of their status happens, he/she must notify the organization via email. All interested members are required to apply online through BMFS website.

Your membership will be effective right after 30 days from the date you have applied and we have received your signed “Pre Authorize Form” and a scan copy of your “Void Cheque”. Cancellation of your membership at any time is Non Refundable. “Pre Authorize Form and a Void Cheque” are required to process your application.

Visitors in Canada will not be eligible for this funeral service, regardless of duration.

Membership Fee

One time non-refundable member registration fee is required. Membership Fee must pay through online. Cash payment is not accepted. Membership is not transferable.

  • Principal Applicant CAD$100
  • Additional family member CAD$15 for each (spouse and unmarried children only)
  • Married children must apply separately (even they live with parents)
  • Parents of both, principal applicant and spouse must apply separately (even they live at their son/daughter house)

Member’s death:

In case of BMFS member’s death, BMFS will make the payments towards funeral expenses including the purchase of the graveyard plot from its Reserve Fund. Member’s registration fee will help “Bangladesh Muslim Funeral Services” to create a Reserve Fund. Mosque and graveyard require payments on the same day.

Subsequently, this funeral cost will be equally shared among all Principal Members except the deceased member. The member’s share amount will be withdrawn through EFT from each member’s bank account after 72 hours of Salah-tul-Janaza. Member is responsible for NSF (Non Sufficient Fund) charges due to incorrect banking information or insufficient fund in member’s bank account. Members must notify BMFS regarding any change of their banking information immediately in order to avoid extraneous charges. Any such update must be provided at least 15 days prior to NSF charges.

Yearly Expenses:

  • There will be a yearly expense for maintaining the “Bangladesh Muslim Funeral Services” website, bank fees, EFT processing company fees, courier charges, Insurance and other operational cost.
  • The yearly expenses will be shared by all Principal Members at the beginning of each year. This is an one time yearly charge. (Example: if there is a total of 500 members and yearly total operational cost is $5000, each principal member will be charged CAD$10. If the number of members goes up, this charge will go down accordingly).
  • A yearly financial statement will be prepared by a certified accountant and email to all members.

Claim Processing Procedure for a Member who died and buried outside Canada:

  • Submit claim form and supporting documents to Director Finance, “Bangladesh Muslim Funeral Services”.
  • Claim processing may require further inquiry by BMFS Committee.
  • Deceased member’s family must provide a copy of the official Death Certificate, Funeral Service invoice, cemetery plot purchase invoice and proof of travel abroad.
  • The following expenses are covered: Funeral service at a mosque/funeral home, casket/coffin and plot for the grave, transportation from hospital to mosque and to graveyard.
  • Incomplete claim forms without all supporting documents will not be processed.
  • Up to a maximum of CAD$5000 can be claimed.

***The policy may change over time to realign with changing circumstances, government rules and affiliated mosque and cemetery policies.

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Dial 911 for emergency assistance (an ambulance, the fire department or the police) and a coroner (Investigation Officer) will come to your home and will sign a death certificate which gives you permission to contact your BMFS Area Coordinator in your location to make arrangements to transfer deceased person to mosque.

If permission is given, call BMFS Area Coordinator and Coordinator will contact to the nearest partnering mosque, and will inform them of his/her death. BMFS Area Coordinator will then make burial arrangements with the help of the family member or relative. If an autopsy is required, deceased person will be taken to the hospital for autopsy. After the autopsy has taken place and the doctor has signed the death certificate, BMFS Area Coordinator Will make arrangement with concern mosque to start deceased person’s funeral process.

You will find your BMFS Area Coordinator name and contact number under “Volunteer” on the bottom of the page.

Mortuary Facility:

Mosque has a well-equipped mortuary to perform washing (ghusl) and prepare the body for burial.

Mosque representative will accompany the next of kin/family member to the hospital and fulfill all the documents for the release of the body.

Thereafter, the deceased body will be brought in to the Centre for ghusl, preparation, and Salatul Janazah. It will then be transported to the cemetery for burial.

Mosque will issue a “Proof of Death Certificate” (Temporary) to the family of deceased person. This certificate may be required for the settlement of legal issues such as bank accounts, insurance claims, inheritance, etc. The next of Kin is required to apply for a legal “Death Certificate” via Service Ontario.