Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can join BMFS?

Currently, all Muslims living permanently in Canada can apply for BMFS membership. We are extending BMFS operational coverage area to other parts of Canada with the help of local Mosques and our volunteers. At present, some parts of Canada, we are providing financial support only.

  • How can I become a member?

In order to become a member you must create a profile on our website:

There is a one time non refundable registration fee.

-Principal applicant CAD$100
-Additional family member CAD$15 each (spouse and unmarried children). Married children must apply separately.
-Parents of the principal applicant and spouse are living at the same address must apply separately.

  • How to register:

a) Download and complete the Pre-Authorized form
b) Go to “New User” and fill out the required information
c) Scan your void cheque
d) Pay your registration fee and go to the next page
e) Upload scanned image of Pre-Authorized form and void cheque. If you are unable to upload these files, please send the scanned images to
f) You will receive an email with a temporary password
g) Log in with your temporary password and change your password

  • How the BMFS system works?

In case of death of a BMFS member, the Organization will inform all members by email or text message about Salah-tul-Janaza’s location, date and time. BMFS will pay funeral expenses to the Mosque from its Reserve Fund created from member registration fees. Subsequently actual funeral expenses will be divided among all principal members equally except the deceased. The share of each principal member of BMFS will be withdrawn from their Bank Accounts after 72 hours via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer).That is why BMFS requires anote of authorization from the member to draw money from his/her Bank Account (downloaded from BMFS website) and a void cheque from all its principal applicants.

  • When will my services be activated?

Your membership will be activated 30 days after the date of registration, provided we received all required documents from you.

  • If financially solvent family of a deceased member wants to bear the funeral expenses, what should they do?

If the family of any financially solvent deceased member decides to bear the funeral costs by themselves without touching BMFS, they can do so. In such cases, BMFS requires a prior heads up so that the other members are not charged for the funeral costs.

  • How do I update my information if anything changes?

Please inform BMFS preferably through email in the event of any change in home/email address, phone number, new born in the family, marriage of a child, etc.

  • What if someone dies in his/her home country?

Our services are limited to only within the reach of our partnering Mosques in Canada. Therefore, if a member dies in his/ her home country or out of our operational coverage area, BMFS will not be able to provide its complete services. However, some financial assistance can be provided upon receiving the required documents. Please review our Policy section for further clarification.

  • What happens if BMFS is unable to achieve  minimum threshold of Members to go for operation? 

BMFS is a registered NOT FOR PROFIT and member driven Organization. The funeral cost will be equally contributed by members. With a view to keeping the contribution to a bare minimum we need 400 members to start with. If we fail to achieve this minimum threshold of 400 members within next two years starting from June 1st 2020, BMFS will be dissolved and the registration fees will be returned. May Allah forgive our shortcomings and accept our effort.

  • Can an International Student status in Canada join BMFS?

Yes, they can apply but there are some conditions. Please check BMFS Policy section for a detailed explanation before you apply.

  • If a registered member moves to another part of the country?

If a registered member moves to somewhere in Canada where BMFS service is not available, please check our Policy section, specifically “Claim Processing” for a member who died and buried outside BMFS service area / abroad”.

If BMFS service is available in your new area, make a call to a BMFS local volunteer and the rest will be taken care of. You must update your address and contact information in your profile and send an email to the Director of Member Affairs, mentioning your recent change of address and contact information.​

  • What if a Principal member dies?

In the event of death of the Principal member, the surviving spouse becomes the Principal member by default as long as he/she make good of the contributions, when needed.

  • Emergency Contact.

In case BMFS is unable to reach the family of a deceased member, BMFS requires an emergency contact name and number who can provide information regarding the prior burial arrangement, if any, to fill out relevant documents on behalf of the deceased and help connect BMFS with the deceased member’s family.

  • What should I do if a member dies at home?

Dial 911 . A coroner (Investigation Officer) will come to your home and will issue a death certificate. Call BMFS area coordinator for your area. Your area coordinator will contact the nearest partnering Mosque. They will provide the deceased’s information to the Mosque.

If an autopsy is required, the deceased person’s body will be taken to the autopsy center. After the autopsy is completed, the BMFS area coordinator will contact the concerned Mosque to arrange funeral and burial services. You will find the BMFS area coordinator’s name and contact number under “Volunteer” on the bottom of the BMFS website.

  • Who is an additional member?

Additional members can only be your spouse and unmarred children living with you.​

  • If a member is blessed with another child what must he/she do?

He/ she must update their profile with BMFS as soon as possible and pay $15.00 to register the new born as an additional member of the family.​

  • If a member does not pay his share of the dues, what action will be taken by the Organization?

At first BMFS will remind the member to pay his/her share. However, if he/she fails to do so then BMFS has the right to revoke his/her membership.

  • If the member writes a “will” that he/she should be buried in back home how will BMFS help?

In such an event Mosque will hand over the body to the family members after completion of the religious rituals and Janaza. Yet BMFS will stick to its promise to pay the funeral cost (please ready “Policy”), an amounts earmarked for the coverage area in Canada to the authorized member of the deceased family.

  • Will services be provided, if death occurs outside of BMFS’s operational area or out of the Country?

No, our services are only available within BMFS operational coverage area. Please visit our “Policy” and “Coverage Areas” section for further details.

  • How do I claim Death Benefits with Revenue Canada?

Please visit Revenue Canada Website for the Death Benefits:

  • How can I cancel my membership?